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Winter March
Winter March

During every exhibition, a small number of artists are singled out because of the distinctiveness of their work. These Artists of Distinction are selected because their work shows strong evidence of skill with the medium and contributes in a meaningful way to the theme of the exhibition. In addition, these artists are selected because their work is engaging in some special and unique way. This engagement is an all-important element of art.

Artists of Distinction are offered the opportunity to exhibit more of their art as Gallery Artists for one year. We are very pleased to give them this opportunity and delighted to show their work. Our current Gallery Artists are:

Bobby Bakerphotographer,  New Hampshire 
John Christopher Brooksphotographer,  Great Britain
Ekaterina Bykhovskayaphotographer,  Strasbourg, France
Maya Chachavapainter and photographer,  Washington
Constance Culpepperpainter,  Gladwyne, Pennsylvania
Irene Hillphotographer,  Atlantis, Florida
Debra Houstonpainter,  Portland, Oregon
Susan Landor Keeginpainter,  Sausalito, California
Arthur Kvarnstrompainter,  New York City
Laurie McCormickphotographer,  Los Angeles, California
Leyla Aysel Munteanumixed media artist,  Windsor, Ontario, Canada
Selena Nawrocki,  mixed media artist,  Douglas, Georgia
Leslie Parke,  painter,  Cambridge, New York
Julie A. Struckmixed media artist,  Rockport, Indiana
Bethany Rachelle Swansonpainter,  Big Canoe, Georgia
Jill Vallieremixed media artist,  Rockland, Maine
Anthony R. Whelihanmixed media artist,  Minnesota

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Previous Gallery Artists

Leslie Anderson
Heike Ludewig
Bobby Baker John Luesing 
Tom Barnes Peggy Martinez
Mike Bell
John R. Math
Robin Borland
Ronnj Medini
Gute Brandao Frank Myers
Rae Broyles Penny Oliphant
Ekaterina Bykhovskaya Sushila Oliphant
Cyndy Carstens Jerry P. Park
Nik S. Clements Keith Parks
Allison Doherty Jarred Pfeiffer
Nomi Drory Hadass Shereshevsky
George Gati Helen Shulman
Jane Gottlieb
Marko Susla
Marilyn Henrion  Ron Testa
Alison Hoornbeek Kathy Winstead
Linda Pearlman Karlsberg Angela Young
Peter Kempson Mayumi Yamakawa
David Kinsey Tetiana Zakharova
Joe Krawczyk Kajal Zaveri
Erdmut Lerner Maureen Zwier
Patrick Linehan