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Everything has texture—texture we can feel (tactile) as well as texture we can see (visual). Texture ranges from smooth and slick to rough and jagged. In between there is bumpy, choppy, gritty, coarse, pebbly, grainy, pitted, wrinkly, mushy, drippy, and on and on. Texture is more important to us than we might realize. We care about the texture of our food, clothes, furniture, and surroundings. Texture is so important to us that it often elicits a response—sometimes favorable, sometimes unfavorable. Texture can help to convey a thought or a message. Texture is an important element of both tactile and visual communication, and thus an important element of design and art.   

     Col Mitchell Linehan Jarred Pffeiffer McCormick  Tober

Artists of Distinction for this exhibition are ceramic artist Jarred Pfeiffer, painter Linnea Heide, and photographer Patrick LinehanAs Artists of Distinction, these artists have the opportunity to show more of their work as Gallery Artists as well as the opportunity to have a portfolio of their work published in the Gallery's highly-regarded art and literary publication, Still Point Arts QuarterlyRead editor's remarks about this exhibition.

Be sure to enjoy the work of these artists in the Gallery.

All artists selected to exhibit work in this show:

Thomas Acevedo Gary Engle Sherry Myhre
Judith Anderson David Gordon Keiko Nomoto
Brigitte Balbinot Corey Hardeman Jarred Pfeiffer
Richard Barrett Linnea Heide Sheree Rasmussen
Michelle Bauer Paul Hitchen Marie Reamer
Mike Bell Lucy J. Hays Jennifer Seo
Sabine Blodorn Susan Johnson Geoff Silvis
Eldred Boze William Klein Pamela Soldwedel
John Brooks Terry Kruse Jane Soodalter
Rick Chapman Ryosuke Kumakura Louis Spano
Nina Clayton Patrick Linehan Daniel Sroka
Kathleen Conway Cheryl MacLean Marko Susla
Bob Craig Laurie McCormick Nancy Teague
Raymond Difley Col Mitchell Linnea Tober
Malcolm Easton    

Elements of Art: Texture will remain a featured exhibition through November 6, 2012 and will remain online until November 6, 2013.



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